Smart Hygiene Habits For Contact Lenses User

Contact lens is great for correcting your vision, but if you are not smart about your contact lens hygiene, it can cause an eye infection. For example, the habit of swimming with your lens on or topping off your contact solution may seem harmless but can actually cause serious damage to your eyes.

Here are some smart daily habits you can adopt for optimal contact lens care

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Make a habit of always washing your hands before touching your lenses. Whether you wear daily or monthly contact lenses, whether you are inserting your contacts or taking them out, wash your hands and dry them first. Scented or oily soaps may stick to your lens, so avoid using those for washing hands. Similarly, don’t use any lotion or cream on your hand before touching your lenses. This is a very simple but effective habit that can save you from eye irritation and infection.

Clean Your Lenses Daily

Unless you use disposable lenses daily, you must clean and disinfect your lenses daily. There are many processes and types of solutions available for cleaning your lenses. Contact Dr. Rolin Otomo to know which one is suitable for your lenses.

Never clean your lenses with Water

Tap water contains impurities and microorganisms that can cause an eye infection. Also, tap water, when contacted with a lens, can swell and change the shape of your lens. So, always make sure your lens doesn’t come in contact with water. In cases where you must wear lenses in Water like swimming, make sure to wear protective goggles and properly clean the lenses after you are out of Water.

Never Use Saliva to clean your lenses

Your mouth Saliva is filled with germs which can lead to a serious eye infection. This Saliva is good for your teeth but not the eyes. So, never use Saliva to clean your lenses.

Do Not Top off Solution

Contact solution loses its impact to disinfect after one use, so don’t think of topping off a solution as it may not contain enough disinfectant to kill germs and clean your lenses.

Contact Lens Case Routinely 

It may come as a surprise to you, but you need to change your contact lens case after a period, just like you do with your lenses. Because if you don’t change it, microscopic dirt may linger in the case, which if come in contact with your eyes via lens can lead to infection. So, doctors recommend replacing your contact lenses every 2-3 months.

Don’t Sleep with Your Lenses On

Just like your body needs rest, your eyes are not different. You should take off your lens before sleep, so your cornea gets a chance to breathe. Moreover, sleeping with your lens on will lead to redness, soreness, and infections. So, always remove your lens before sleeping unless they are intended to be worn overnight.

In case you use ortho-k lenses to reshape your cornea, you must wear them overnight as per the doctor’s instruction.

Get That Annual Eye Exam

Your vision tends to change regularly, so always get your eye tested annually. You shouldn’t wear lenses for a long time without a prescription. Besides, an annual test is important to know more about your overall eye health.

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