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Eye Diseases and Conditions



Advanced Eye Clinic can diagnose, manage, & treat most eye diseases and common eye ailments in office. We apply our years of experience in order to give a precise diagnoses of any eye related health issue. We believe the more precise the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment and/or management plan will be. 

A.E.C. offers treatments plans of these common ailments:

· Glaucoma

· Cataracts

· Macular Degeneration 

· Retinal Detachment

· Diabetic Retinopathy

· Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

· Keratoconus

· Nearsightedness

· Farsightedness

· Lazy/Crossed Eyes

· Uveitis (Diseases that cause inflammation of the middle layer of the eye that contains most of the blood vessels).

· Corneal Diseases

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