Don’t Do These 13 Things If You Wear Daily Disposable Contacts!

If you are one of those million who use Daily Disposable Contacts, you surely know how to use them and what to do to take care of your lenses. But do you know what not to do? You Should! Otherwise, you might hurt your eyes unknowingly. We have listed down 13 things you should never do if you wear lenses.

1.Never Touch Contacts Lenses with Dirty Hands

Always and always wash and dry your hands before you touch your contact lenses. Your dirty hands will probably transfer bacteria to your lens and thus will cause infection to your eyes via lenses. So, whether you are inserting lenses or taking them out, always wash and dry your hands to prevent bacterial infection.

2.Don’t Expose Your Contacts Lenses to Water

Any sort of water like a tap, lake, or pool water can change your lens’s shape and cause micro-abrasions on the cornea. So even if you find it tempting to swim or do other water activities with your lenses on, don’t do that. And always remember to take off your lenses before a shower too. If you accidentally get water into your lenses, throw them away and get yourself a new pair.

3.Don’t Reuse Your Contacts

Daily disposable contacts are designed to use for one day that’s why they are called “Daily disposable contacts”. These are thinner, fragile, and can’t hold moisture for long. So reusing them is nothing but inviting eye problems. Your eyes are way more valuable than saving some bucks on lenses, so never use daily disposal lenses for more than one day.

4.Never Reuse Old Cleaning Solution

Fresh contact lens solution disinfects your contacts whereas the old solution is home to bacteria. So, never reuse the solution from the initial application of contacts as it will lead to bacterial infection to your eyes. Even if you remove your daily contact to take a shower or rest, use a new contact lens solution to disinfect them. 

5.Never Put a Dropped Contact Back in Your Eye

If you accidentally drop a lens on the ground or in the sink, don’t put it back in your eyes. Because the drop was an accident, but if you put it in the eyes you will knowingly hurt your eyes. Daily disposable lenses are anyway not that expensive, don’t risk your eyes for one pair of lenses.

6.Don’t Ever Put Contacts In Your Mouth

You may have the odd thought of putting your contact lenses into your mouth to rewet them. It sounds weird, but there have been many cases when people have done it and the result was not good. Because your mouth is full of bacteria that can cause serious infections to your eyes. So, always use prescribed eye drops to moisturize contact lenses.

7.Never Use Aerosol Sprays Around Lenses

Any sort of hairspray like an aerosol can get to your lens and leave a film that will irritate your eyes and you might find it hard to see. So, make sure to close your eyes before you use hairspray.

8.Don’t Overwear Your Daily Disposable Lenses

The recommended time period to wear lenses is 14 to 16 hours. Just like any other part of your body, your eyes need rest. Wearing contact lenses for an excessive amount of time will reduce the amount of oxygen your eyes receive which might cause complications to your eyes. Besides, lack of rest can swallow your eyes leading to abrasion and even bacterial infection. You can contact your eye doctor to know the exact duration you should be wearing lenses.

9.Don’t Sleep With Your Lenses On

Doesn’t matter how tired you are, always make sure to take off lenses before you sleep. You will be risking your eyesight if you keep lenses on overnight. Besides, it can also lead to ocular irritation, swelling, and corneal ulcers.

10.Don’t Insert Contacts Before Completing Your Morning Routine

Never put lenses on before morning routine like washing face, showering, etc. As we have already told you tab water touching your lenses is harmful to your eyes. So, complete your morning routine and only then put lenses on.

11.Don’t Get Makeup On Your Contacts

Put your contacts before applying makeup. Because otherwise, makeup can get to your lenses through your hands and cause an eye infection. If you accidentally get concealer, eyeliner, or mascara on your lenses, remove them immediately and clean the lenses with a solution or replace it with a fresh pair. Avoid waterproof makeup as the solution can’t remove that makeup from lenses.

12.Don’t Wear Contact Lenses If Your Eyes Are Irritated

Your lenses are designed to fit you comfortably. So, if you feel any sort of irritation or discomfort in your eyes, immediately remove them and rest. After some time, when you feel comfortable, you can put on a fresh pair of lenses. If the irritation persists, contact your eye doctor.

13.Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Your eyes might feel itchy if they are dry. But don’t rub your eyes even if you feel tempted whether you have a contact lens on or not. This may cause blurry vision and might even damage your cornea. So, Never rub your eyes, if you feel discomfort contact your optometrist.

If you accidentally do any of the mentions things we have asked you not to do and feel discomfort in your eyes, call 817-741-1073 to make an appointment at Advanced Eye Clinic. For any eye-related query or eye care services contact us today.