We are now open in both our offices! However, we are following strict protocols.

Here’s what our clinics are doing to keep our patients and staff safe:

● Taking temperatures of staff, patients, and family upon arrival

● Wearing a mask at all times in the clinic

● All doctors are required to wear gloves in the clinic, staff washes hands on a regular basis

● Only allowing patients and necessary caretakers in the clinic

● Cleaning equipment and exam rooms before and after each patient visit


Here’s what we are requiring of our patients to keep us and other patients safe:

● Allow us to take temperatures upon arrival

● Wear a face-covering (covering both nose and mouth) at all times in the clinic

● Only bring patients and necessary caretakers in the clinic

● Reschedule if you or anyone near you is experiencing COVID-related symptoms

● Reschedule if you may have been exposed to anyone with COVID

● Reschedule if you have traveled by plane in the last 14 days

We will also be following social distancing and all cleaning protocols recommended per CDC guidelines.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible and wash hands thoroughly.

– If you or anyone accompanying you have been experiencing fever, shortness of breath, and/or persistent cough, please go to nearest hospital and get tested and treated.

According to the CDC, majority of cases are mild. If you are an older adult, have heart disease, lung disease or diabetes, please take care of yourselves.

Please bear with us with all the changes as we are trying our best to keep up and keep our patients informed in these current conditions. If you have any questions that we can help you with, please call 817-741-1073.

Best wishes,

Advanced Eye Clinic