Affordable Eye Clinic in Watauga, TX

Experts recommend regular eye checks once a year for everyone and even more frequently if you have the risk of developing different eye diseases. So most of us should and do go to the eye clinic for some reason or the others. And that’s why it is important that we find an affordable eye clinic near our location for all the convenience.

If you live in Watauga, Texas, and are in search of the  “eye clinic near me ” or “affordable eye clinic near me” then you are actually looking for us, Advanced Eye Clinic.

At Advanced Eye Clinic, we offer great eye care services for you and your family near Watauga. We have made a good place in the eye care industry with years of great services to the people of Texas. 

We are one of the finest eye care centers in Watauga, Texas.  And we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to serve so many people in their needs and all the admiration we receive from our patients.

Most of our clients love coming back to us and here is why:

A Family Eye Clinic

Our aim is to provide eye care to your whole family, not just an adult or a toddler or elderly but all of you. We understand how hectic life can be and we don’t want you to ignore your eye health just because you have to make different appointments at different clinics for different family members.

So if your multiple family members are looking to book appointments for different eye services, we got you covered. We offer quality comprehensive eye exams along with pediatric care to diabetic eyes and many more. So, for great eye care in Watauga, you can book an appointment with us.

Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced technology and vision equipment for more accurate treatment. Technology not only gives more accuracy but also helps with detecting diseases and treatment of eye conditions like Cataracts with more success rate.

One Clinic For All Eye Problem 

As we are dedicated to becoming a successful family eye clinic we offer treatment to a variety of eye care conditions so we can cater to all of your family member’s care needs.  Along with regular comprehensive eye exams and contact lens exams, we offer advanced treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye exams, dry eyes, computer vision problems, specialty lenses, etc. We also do several successful LASIK and Cataract surgeries yearly. So, if you are having any eye problem simple or complex,  contact us.

Experts Optometrists

Our optometrist along with a Doctor of Optometry degree has years of experience which helps a great deal in treatment.  They also have special certification in corneal refractive therapy (CRT), therapeutic optometry . Besides, our eye doctors are also members of the Texas Optometric Association and American Optometric Association. Read more about the eye experts.

Friendly Team

Our whole team including our optometrists, manager, and optometric Assistant believe in individualized attention and are extremely friendly. So, you can expect a detailed treatment at our clinic.


Well, eye care should be affordable and that is the only way it should be.  And our team is always dedicated to provide great eye care at an affordable price. From eye tests to surgery, you will find everything at a price you can afford.

If you are facing any eye problem, book an appointment at Advanced Eye Clinic without having to worry about the cost.

Great Retention Rate

Returning patients just proves how great services are. And we take pride in saying we have almost a 100% retention rate when it comes to our patients.  You can check out some of the happy reviews from our clients.

Insurance acceptance

We accept almost all the popular insurances. Check out the list of insurance that we accept. However, if your’s is not listed contact us, and our team will find a way to help you.

Now that you know why Advanced Eye Clinic is the finest eye clinic in Watauga, next time you need an appointment with an eye specialist in Watauga, Texas make sure to book an appointment with us.

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